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The Beginning

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Here I am at the Victorian Cafe in Bend, Oregon. Rated best bloody mary in Central OR, I instead am drinking coffee and, much to my delight, it is served with real cream. This farm venture has been my driving force to get back to what is real and what matters to me in this wild American culture.

Raised on a small farm in South Salem as an only child, my best friends were and still are the animals. For 30 years now, I have gravitated to all things flora and fauna. Ingesting knowledge on these subjects introduced me to the concept of regenerative agriculture.

Can there really be an earth-friendly way to grow our food in this wildly polarized time?

Regenerative agriculture is a system that mirrors the habit of wild herbivores that once roamed North America. Grazing, trampling, urinating and, defecating as they live their lives while being pushed along by predators, the land is nourished and regenerates.

I get excited talking about all things farm and what my husband and I are accomplishing. I have devoured the teachings of Alan Savory, all of Joel Salatin's books, stalked the websites of White Oak Pastures and PastureBird. These are the people doing it and doing it well. Join me here on this journey to care for the creatures, while sequestering carbon, nourishing the land and, providing humanely raised and nutrient-dense protein.

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