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Who We Are

Brian and Nichole Carney founded Carney's Pastured Meats in 2018 after realizing how hard it is to find local humanely and regeneratively raised meat. We keep our animal's health and comfort as the top priority while nourishing our land with their manure and bedding. Starting  with only 5 acres, leasing another 10 and in 2021 graduating to 40 acres we are diligent about our pasture maintenance, to ensure the animals are eating the most nutritious grass and forage possible. Purchasing all of our animal feed from a local mill and a local farmer, we buy in bulk to cut down trash. When harvesting our livestock, we utilize most of the offal for either human food or pet food.

Nichole Carney is the farmher who oversees the day to day care and maintenance and customer service. She will talk your ear off about all things farm.

Brian Carney is the mastermind behind bringing Nichole's wild ideas to life in the form of various animal housing. He is the repairman, muscle man, and chain saw user.

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Custom Dietary Needs

Sometimes due to allergies or dietary restrictions, it is hard for some to find pastured meat that fits their health needs. Here at Carney's Pastured Meats, we have availability to custom raise your poultry. Maybe you want a certified organic feed or a different breed, let us know. We can raise meat chickens, started layer pullets, duck, and midget turkeys. Please shoot me an email and let's talk!

Thanksgiving Dinner
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