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Grassfinished Beef and it tastes excellent?

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

This summer we have been granted an opportunity to partner with our favorite beef ranchers, bringing their tried and true 100% grass-fed and finished beef to the Willamette Valley.

The Doukas Ranch and V-C in Nyssa OR have been raising grassfinished beef for 30 years using regenerative practices before it was the new COOL thing! The old ways have become new again with the looming threat of climate change, soil depletion and carbon emissions.

Where other ranchers would fertilize their land with petroleum and chemical based fertilizers the V-C has been using manure from the local dairy farms and chicken ranches to build their top soil. With the diligent use of irrigation waters and rotational grazing they are building soil and diverse forage for the cattle to grow on. Those diverse forages support the cattle health and add in all the micro nutrients and phytochemical to feed a healthy cow and a healthy human!

The V-C provides the cattle with specially formulated minerals and Non GMO alfalfa hay.

The ranch also plays host to local wildlife with an abundance of Golden Eagles, Sage Grouse, Coyotes, pronghorn antelope and deer.

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